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For us,
B2B is just another word for love.

Of course, this love is sometimes complicated. But this doesn’t prevent us from conceiving of and implementing our great love of B2B communication. On the contrary, the more complex the topic, the more our digital heart flutters. We love to turn complex topics into fascinating and accessible communication. And this has been the case since 1996. Our clients are global B2B market leaders and their products not only need to be explained, but also resonate with a demanding and international specialist audience.


Out of passion.
And principle.

Over 20 years ago, Stefan Lingner founded this agency with a clear vision. Under joint management with Tobias Hurrle, that vision of an exclusively B2B boutique agency is constantly evolving.

Partners Fabian Borst, Christian Laurin, Wojtek Misiewicz, and Daniel Nill added additional facets such as social media, video, branding, campaigning, web development, digital platform conception, and the art of the latte.

The digital B2B boutique agency.

We guide companies from the first "I can imagine that" to the final KPI evaluation. To do that, we work with the best in both in-house and remote settings. Be it on site, in the network, in the process, in the organization, in the code, in the ear, on set, or in the feed. No matter where. The main thing is that we are relevant and memorable.


What are the advantages of a boutique agency?

Podular is the merging of Pod and Modular. Our experts form teams (pods) from all communicative disciplines of a full-service agency. We always combine these individually (modularly) to master every communicative challenge. In this way, we remain collaborative, dynamic and capable of action, without building unnecessarily large teams or creating artificial hierarchies.

What you see is what you get. This applies to us and especially in our teams, because as a boutique agency, we work exclusively with experts at a high level – both in-house and in the network. For more impact.

We don't just want to work on or for a client. We really want to make a difference. And that rarely happens by just checking off marketing lists. We can't do that either by retreating to our ivory tower after the briefing until white smoke rises and we descend with the holy communication concept. Rather, we want to work with our clients to determine what we really want to achieve before we decide how big the banner can be.

Working for industry, SMEs and B2B. For over 20 years.

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How to reach us.

For all your concerns.

07131 - 642 90 30

For job applications.

Carola Rogge
People & Culture

Our locations

Die Villa Mertz von außen

Villa Mertz

Our headquarters. The mothership. The base. The nucleus of our creative spirit. Built in the midst of greenery and close to the water, the neoclassical villa offers us both a home and inspiration.

Rosenberg 1
74072 Heilbronn

Aufbau eines Videodrehs in den inverve studios

The inverve studios

Our production house for your digital productions. AR, VR, MR, or live event? No matter what you have in mind, our 100m² stage in combination with the LED wall can make it happen.

Hafenstraße 11 - 13
74076 Heilbronn



The business event location in Heilbronn is a conference room for workshops, conferences, meetings, and seminars. Only with a pinball machine.

Salzstraße 42
74076 Heilbronn


Impressions from lingner.com

Die Villa Mertz von außen

Das LINGNER.LAB von außen
LINGNER Partner, Daniel Nill, in einem Interview

Das Filmteam von LINGNER beim Filmdreh für einen Kunden
Mitarbeiterin von LINGNER.com beim Filmdreh mit Kamera

Außenansicht des WERK1, ein Anbau der Villa Mertz
Innenansicht des WERK1, ein Anbau der Villa Mertz

Gäste im WERK2, die sich unterhalten
Veranstaltungsraum im WERK2 mit mehreren Stühlen