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Team Yellow.

You really want to make a difference and become part of an extraordinary team? Then you have come to the right place. Because at Lingner, we're not just yellow, we're colourful. Join up with us and do anything but the usual.


Something about media...

Sure, anyone can do that, but you're not satisfied with the standard. That's good. Neither are we. That's why we're looking for extraordinary talents, creative minds, and versatile professionals like you.

But it's not just about your hard or soft skills, your CV or how many awards you have in the bag. Much more important for us is the right attitude. Your passion, your team spirit, the joy of learning, the will to make a difference, the fun of making complex B2B topics seem easy, and an innate unquenchable curiosity. Do you see your strengths more in programming, layouts, writing spots, conceptualising, animating, organising, presenting, advising, thinking strategically, or are you one of those who simply don't fit in any box? No matter. We think all that is cool and that it belongs here with us.

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And why Lingner?

Die Villa Mertz in Heilbronn
Ausschnitt aus einem Videodreh von LINGNER.COM
Ein Raum im LINGNER.WERK2 mit zwei Sesseln
Mitarbeiterin die im LINGNER.LAB an ihrem Laptop sitzt
LINGNER Mitarbeitende am Tischkicker
LINGNER Mitarbeitende bei einem Videodreh im WERK2
Der Park zur Villa Mertz aus der Vogelperspektive
Diagramm des LINGNER Gold Kurses
Die Stadt Heilbronn vom Dach der experimenta

14 good reasons.

Yeah, alright. 13 good reasons would have sounded more epic somehow. But in the end, it turned out to be more than 13. So we'll just leave it at that.

#1 Become

Personal freedom and respect are written in bold capital letters with us. Egomaniacs and creative bosses, on the other hand, can go ahead and stay at home or in the 90s. Anyone who dispenses with airs and graces can expect extraordinary colleagues from all over the world. Sometimes we feel like a little yellow family. That's why young talent is typical for us, and we know how to incorporate it into everyday work or vice versa.

#2 Yes, in a villa.

We're proud to work in one of the most beautiful and traditional buildings in Heilbronn: The classicist Villa Mertz. Located directly on the Neckar promenade, it has its own park, which we use in summer not only for barbecuing but also for taking a breath of creative air. The train station is also in the immediate vicinity, in addition to an outdoor swimming pool, the pedestrian zone, and the Heilbronn gastronomic mile.

#3 Complicated.

Our B2B clients are all united in that their products require explanations and meet a demanding and international audience. This makes our hearts beat faster because we love to turn complicated topics into fascinatingly accessible communication. For example, we make the biotech group Qiagen social media-oriented, design and implement Enterprise CMS (Software AG), develop and operate Internet and intranet applications for Implenia, live streams for the corona policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, or develop an employer brand for Leadec.

#4 Building strengths.

As diverse as our clients are, the challenges that await you are just as exciting. However, something new requires not only the courage of the client, but also the knowledge and motivation of all colleagues. That's why we work in interdisciplinary teams, are not afraid of new things, and are constantly developing. Like Pikachu. Have a special strength or skill and even more potential? Perfect. Let's work together to make you even better.

#5 The courage to trust.

It's not always easy, but it's always important to us. Because without trust in one's own abilities, ideas, competences and potential, it's simply impossible to leave the beaten path and create something new. We also dare to be self-critical and to question ideas openly to develop them further. This "courage to trust" is the basis of our culture.

#6 Two worlds.

We are a management consultancy and creative agency in one. Though for us, this is not a contradiction, but rather an identity. Because we combine corporate strategy with creative ease, charts with brand images, tradition with the digital future, B2B with LOL, Wall Street with street style, and are not looking for the easiest way, but rather the one that leads us to our goal.

#7 Podular.

Traditional forms of organisation did not live up to our demands and that's why we have opted for a more agile and innovative approach: the Podular Organization. Podular is the merging of 'pod' and 'modular'. We combine our expert teams (pods) from all the communicative disciplines of a full-service agency individually (modularly) in order to master every communicative challenge for our clients. By doing so, we remain collaborative, dynamic and capable of action, without building unnecessarily large teams or creating artificial hierarchies. The word they're looking for is pod-ular. Po-du-lar.

#8 Working from home.

So that your intervertebral discs also feel comfortable in a mobile office, we have everything you need delivered to your home. That includes the height-adjustable desk, an ergonomic office chair and a wiggle board to keep your balance.

#9 Benefits.

We don't just offer only the obligatory fruit basket, an Italian coffee machine, the foosball table, and the beverage flat rate. You also have the possibility of 30 days of vacation, a mobile phone contract, travel allowance, training, etc. Looking for something full time? Good, so are we. That's why open-ended employment contracts are the rule with us. Flexible working hours and part-time models create space for young people, family, friends, hobbies or your own projects. And even when it comes to our success, we love to keep things transparent. See #11.

#10 Free spaces.

Space for development is more than a mental need. It's also physical. For this purpose, not just the charming headquarters in the centre of Heilbronn serves as a possible workplace. We also offer you additional space for creative development. For example, with the award-winning WERK1 attached to the villa, the LINGNER.LAB located in the park, and our WERK2 in an urban studio look.

#11 Green at heart.

We feel nothing but love for the park belonging to the villa. There we spend the lunch break under chestnut trees, a creative pause for reflection on the gravel circular path and the after-work beer tastes particularly good while strolling as the squirrels gather around the fountain. Relaxation begins at the villa front door.

#12 Show me the numbers, please.

The digital LINGNER.GOLD course shows our employees at all times and transparently how the company is doing economically. In addition, it's even able to generate forecasts from the accounting data. Each successful project has a direct positive effect on the LINGNER.GOLD course. This is stated in euros and paid out at the beginning of the following year. Because if the company is doing well, then we pass it on. To those who made this possible in the first place: the entire team. It's a golden rule for us.

#13 Heilbronn.

Formerly often called Heil-Bronx, the city on the Neckar has left behind its rough image. Thanks to numerous major projects such as the German Federal Garden Show, the experimenta, or the Bildungscampus, both the wine and the economy are growing strong here. Four universities have settled here. These include the innovative Coding School 42 and TUM. As a result, education and urban flair belong to the university city of Heilbronn like sauce on the spätzle. Investments aren't just made in the economy, but also in the future. For example, with free and available kindergarten spots and the new Neckarbogen green district.

#14 Black gold.

Think coffee is not a reason to work with us? You're absolutely right. But also maybe completely wrong. Because coffee lovers will find a lot to love with us. Not just the Italian coffee machine, the selected beans, but also the lively discussions about their mixing and preparation will make your heart beat harder and above all faster. Some of our employees use milk to conjure up more powerful illusions in the coffee than Houdini could begin to dream of.


Carola Rogge,
People & Culture