Examples of groundbreaking internal corporate communication

Internal communication binds employees emotionally to the company. For us, this means developing and implementing content and formats that offer employees real added value.

There are numerous sources of exciting content within companies, but also the need to communicate important messages. Attractive internal communication shapes the corporate culture and sharpens the brand tone of the company.

Internal video magazine

Emotional content with added value

How do you get employees to consume corporate content with pleasure and gain more information than in the classic corporate newsletter?

The video magazine we developed, Dentsply Sirona News - an intranet TV format - informs and is entertaining at the same time. It is published quarterly in a length of about 10 to 15 minutes. The presenter leads through the program and introduces the various articles. These include current announcements, results of an employee survey, and much more. Other clips are part of a series and feature special achievements by employees or present content from other Dentsply Sirona locations, which promotes a sense of community within the global group.

Town Hall Meetings

The management informs personally
and in real time

In particular, if the CEO, the Board of Directors or the management want to communicate pioneering information to the employees, town halls are an opportunity to send a message personally and to be open to questions at the same time. This openness has a very positive effect on critical issues. Town halls are multimedial and can be broadcast and recorded worldwide via live stream.

Video messages and interviews

Fast and authentic information transfer

The direct view to the audience - possibly with the help of a teleprompter - helps in the communication of clear, predefined content.

It's not always possible to hold a town hall, and often topics are not "big enough". Especially with shorter messages, two formats are suitable to convey the core of the content personally: video messages and interviews.

The interview: Here, there's deliberately no direct talk with a view into the camera. The messages are conveyed in a conversation that seems free and natural.

In our productions, our editors, who are experienced in dealing with executives, ensure the quality of the content and create a pleasant atmosphere with the production team.


Content is king and streaming is in

Both an old hat. But few trends have grown as sustainably and strongly as podcast consumption. And while podcast use (at least once a month) in Germany (22%) has multiplied in recent years and successful formats are going on tour offline, lags in an international comparison: Swedes (36%), Spaniards (40%), or South Koreans (58%) show us that there's still plenty of room for growth.

A wide variety of podcast formats can contribute to a wide variety of communication destinations. Sounds strategic? That’s where we come in. Where when and what effect can a podcast have on people? We find the right podcast format and answer all the questions that lead to publishing a podcast that does not serve the purpose of simply riding on the wave of the podcast trend.

7 Examples of groundbreaking internal corporate communication
White label intranet

From 0 to intranet in 4 weeks

7 Examples of groundbreaking internal corporate communication

Do you want to provide a new intranet for your employees as quickly as possible? Our white label solution is based on the open source CMS TYPO3 and can be optimally adapted to your needs and specifications. The solution offers a range of functions that meets the requirements of large corporations and their employees. A personalised intranet solution as the basis for the digital workplace.

  • Basic intranet functional in 4 weeks
  • No licensing costs
  • Fully customisable
  • Interfaces to document management systems and employee databases
By employees for employees

Info videos and success stories

Make your own successes visible and present them authentically. Your own employees are perfectly suited for this purpose and present their personal success stories to their colleagues or direct their attention to innovations.

Not only the communication of information is emphasised, but also the appreciation and expert knowledge of the protagonists.

Business event location in Heilbronn


7 Examples of groundbreaking internal corporate communication
7 Examples of groundbreaking internal corporate communication

With the LINGNER.WERK2, our business event location in Heilbronn, we offer you an alternative location to your company or a studio for filming, but above all as a space for workshops and events. More information can be found on our website: werk2.lingner.com.

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