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B2B campaigns & digital marketing

In the end, B2B communication convinces people, not machines. Therefore, even a very technical brand must strike a chord, arouse emotions, add value, and communicate competently.

But how do you convince a hesitant target group? How do you stage the market launch of a new product? Together with our client Dentsply Sirona, we faced precisely these challenges. In the end, we created an exceptionally convincing and well orchestrated B2B campaign, which we implemented across channels and in a goal-oriented manner. The campaign film was distributed through an extensive campaign with a focus on social media and supplemented by print advertisements, as well as online and offline events. With this, we achieved a greater relevance for the brand and real support for sales.


Live communication

If a large target group needs to be reached with important content, we design the right format and set the right stage. Whether live, digital, or on site. Just like for the German Federal Ministry of Health, when it was said "Together against Corona". It was our job to spread this message among the people. For this purpose, we developed a streaming concept and then implemented it live in Berlin. The streams with the then Health Minister Jens Spahn reached millions of viewers across all major TV media and social media channels.

However, target groups can also be very specific, as with Interpharm Online. For three days, all pharmacists had to be reached with educational content and top speakers. We designed the entire online event and implemented it on site. The enthusiasm was huge and the added value guaranteed. Above all, products that require explanation and are difficult to transport, or those that are still in the development phase, benefit from a "digital twin". With the help of a digital image of the product, it's not only possible to merge the digital and the real world, but also to show processes that are not visible to the naked eye in the real world.


Live sales

Not just people, but also products and solutions need a (live) stage. Because in the end, we as people prefer to source our products from brands that we know and trust. With the Solid Wood Summit, we developed a unique digital trade show format and our own digital platform for the world market leader Weinig AG (machines and systems for solid wood processing). For three days, panel discussions, keynote speeches and expert interviews around the globe could be streamed live. A massive innovation for the entire industry.

With our client Warema, we also succeeded in setting new standards in terms of dialogue, further training and inspiration with the trend congress for the sun protection industry. Together, we developed the new event format - and the plan worked: Around 120 specialist partners put together their own programme from the wide range of products and services on offer, and at the same time took the opportunity to discuss the current industry topics. We accompanied the entire event from conception to technical implementation.

Live events particularly benefit from the technology of digital twins. This virtual image makes it possible to visualise complex relationships or processes in live events in an eye-catching and easily understandable way.


Social media strategies

Social media global thinking (social media empowerment)

On a global level, it's considered a real success booster to create company-wide standards for social media communication, to take advantages of synergies and to make successes measurable. Issues such as sender structure, guidelines, and reaction processes are just a few of the relevant points in a global strategy process.

Our experience from working with companies such as QIAGEN, RENOLIT, or Kühne & Nagel shows that processes and standards must be defined in international exchange with those responsible. The goal is to empower the communicators. For this purpose, a clear line with a lot of leeway for the target group-specific dialogue will be developed.

Let's also work together to shape your global social media landscape. You can find out what this can look like from Qiagen. Click here for the podcast with Dr. Thomas Theuringer, Senior Director Corporate Communications & Head of External Communications.

Next level

Whether we're speaking of employee advocacy, corporate influencers or employees as brand ambassadors, the message remains the same: In B2B, employees are also the communicators of tomorrow. This applies to managers as well as interns.

We accompany you on your way to the Corporate Influencer Program and place your executives on social media. We establish new personal brands and position the thought leaders of your industry.


Corporate websites

Digital disruption has made the network one of the largest sales markets for many companies and one of the most important communication platforms in their portfolio - and if it isn't already, it will be in the near future. Because people want one thing above all else: exchange. The corporate website is the first digital touch point with which a company presents itself to interested parties, potential clients or new talents. A corporate website is now much more than a multifunctional interaction and communication platform. Increasingly digital customer journeys for real differentiation and positioning in the market are the success factor for this.

We design your corporate website taking into account the overall (digital) strategy and thus create a holistic, seamless brand experience - both off and online. Our team of developers implements the designed website with a suitable technology for the project.


Brand & Strategy

"B2B has its own rules." With exactly this sentence, B2B brands have fought against better knowledge for decades. Whether manufacturers of machines, dealers of outer packaging, developers of medical technology or agricultural products, they all realise that their product alone is no longer enough to make big leaps on the business-to-business market.

With digitization, many of our clients are also growing into new markets. In recent years, for example, Bilfinger has changed from a construction company to an international engineering and service group. In order to increase the group's public perception and underline Bilfinger's wide range of services, the company is now relying on a uniform brand. Here we revised corporate design and thus created a strong uniform brand with high recognition value across all digital touch points.

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