The moving-image team is excited about the Delfin Award

News: Nov 2022

Commercial film was awarded with the Silver Dolphin in Cannes!

For our virtual production "Primeprint - The magic inside" we were awarded with a Dolphin of the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards! News Archive

A challenge that we were happy to accept!

Establishing a new 3D printing system on the dental market is one thing. Communicating it in such a way that dentists and dental technicians are not only made aware of the new technology, but are also completely enthusiastic about it, is another. Especially when the magic of the 3D printer happens almost invisibly inside two machines. But it was precisely this challenge that excited us about this project from the very beginning!

We are proud to have been awarded with the silver Dolphin!

The fact that we won a Dolphin for the project at the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media TV Awards makes the entire production team mighty proud. The award is one of the most important awards in the advertising industry and we are happy that our film not only persuaded our client but also the international jury. With the virtual production "The Magic inside" we also gave everything to tell the story of the new 3D printing system Primeprint in an exciting and technically impressive way. With wit and conviction furthermore wonderfully played by Annabelle Mandeng and Seumas Sargent under the direction of Fabian Borst. We are proud of the appreciation for such a special project and thank the entire team for their efforts!

Silver Delfin Award
Laurel Silver Winner

Our silver Dolphin of which we are mighty proud!